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Under the esteemed MACC umbrella, MACCappella is a premier audition-based ensemble, setting the benchmark for excellence in choral music. Our members embody a high level of musicianship, deeply understand vocal technique, demonstrate leadership qualities, maintain a positive attitude, and uphold a strong work ethic. Joining MACCappella is not just about singing; it's about embracing a challenge, pushing your limits, and striving for musical excellence. It's about becoming part of a renowned ensemble that is respected for its commitment to musical innovation and artistic expression.

In MACCappella, we fearlessly tackle more challenging and diverse choral music, ranging from Vocal Jazz and Madrigals to 20th-century avant-garde, pop, and classical works. Our repertoire pushes traditional choral music's boundaries, allowing our members to explore and master various musical styles.

MACCappella MACC

An audition is required for those seeking to join our esteemed ranks. The process involves sight-reading a song, demonstrating rhythm proficiency, and showcasing tonal memory. This brief and focused audition ensures that our ensemble comprises dedicated and skilled individuals passionate about choral music. Auditions for MACCappella take place during the second week of the symposium. Join MACCappella and be part of a transformative choral experience that celebrates excellence and musical innovation.

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